On confronting death, leaving venture capital, and spreading meditation

A Hard Goodbye

Possibly the best scene in one of the best movies of all time, mainly because it accurately depicts how most people feel about printers. (GIF courtesy of Office Space and 20th Century Fox)

From staring at this album cover for far too many hours in high school, this image became the prototypical face of wisdom for me (from The Cure’s Staring at the Sea)
  • Grace (my partner) was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer, had emergency, life-threatening surgery and started aggressive chemotherapy shortly thereafter
  • We adopted a dog (Hollyhock!)
  • I (finally) bought a…

This is a blog post I never expected to write. These past 12 months have shown me how even the most unfair, difficult situations in life can inspire immense moments of joy and deep, meaningful change.


Early-stage hardware companies usually understand the “how” of product development. Product management adds a layer of “why,” “what,” and “when” to the process.

I always find more truth about a company’s future buried in a company’s products. Long story short: I don’t have high hopes for Sonos’ trajectory. Here is why…

🎵Going deeper underground

Peloton is a tremendously successful hardware startup. But without SoulCycle, it couldn’t have existed. Here is how you can find the SoulCycle for your hardware company.

Ben Einstein

President and COO at Ten Percent Happier. Previously founded @BoltVC, EIR @EclipseVentures.

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