A Hard Goodbye, an Easy Goodbye and an Easeful Hello

On confronting death, leaving venture capital, and spreading meditation

A Hard Goodbye

When most people stare death in the face, they see fear. I know I do. It can be so incredibly difficult to sit with death and watch, in helpless agony, as a person you love withers away. Yet I had the exceptional privilege to live with a woman who saw beauty when confronting her death: my life-partner, Grace. After a nasty cancer diagnosis in 2018, Grace used what little time she had left to sing in dog voice every morning, point out each flower she saw, dance in hospital rooms, attentively listen to stories from random strangers on the street, color breath-taking mandalas, quietly walk through redwoods, and tell friends she loved them (usually while eating fruity ice pops).

An Easy Goodbye and an Easeful Hello

For nearly every human alive, 2020 was a challenging year. I certainly had my heaping helping of difficulties (see above), but I was also blessed to have some of my closest friends leave their solo quarantined lives behind and come live with Grace and me as she started home hospice. Boldest among them was one of my oldest friends, Ben Rubin, who rented a car and drove out from Boston:

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